Still Life Shoots

Jewellery Shoots

Still life with gold, diamond and silver jewelry products is much more prominent.

Rosary Shoots

In still life shoots, the photos of the rosary and the curl feature make impressive photographs.

High Resolution and Sharpness

Clarity is one of the most important subjects in still life photography. A successful composition should be created with clear and bright products.

Right angle

When shooting with ground, it is necessary to find the appropriate angle. The part of the product that needs to be emphasized should be closer to the lens.

What's Stıll Lıfe ?

Still life filming is a professional photo shoot with an integrity between the product and the background. A product or an object is not only photographed, but also an integrity with the floor. This results in impressive pictures.

Still life photography, also known as still life; needs camera, lens, studio, softbox, tent equipment. If you work with an experienced agency you will get very high quality and impressive results. This type of shooting definitely needs the experience that are completed in a special studio environment.

The whole fiction begins with the product itself. After the knowledge of the product, its features, the benefits it provides and what it offers to people; a fiction is made to create that product-specific background. When the shooting is finished, a single question can be asked for a successful result: Are people affected when they look at this picture? If the answer is yes, a successful shot's been taken!

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When we look at e-commerce sites, there are usually three types of product images;

  • Product picture on plain white background.
    Image showing the product on a mannequin.
    Still life picture taken on special floor / background.

Each photo leaves an impression in the eyes of the customer. The more impressive a product is presented, the better the chance of selling. Increase your e-commerce sales with our professional photos powered with still life shots!

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