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When people search something on Google, Bing, Yandex; they click on websites they first see as usual to get information or buy something. This makes seo very important. As we can see, even large firms in our country have started their seo work at a basic level. This is an opportunity for small and middle big companies doing the same job. In terms of market share, it is possible for a firm to leave behind another company in search results. But this is a process that requires patience and vision. Because seo processes include an optimization process that results in a period of 6-12 months. Maybe instant success is not enough compared to Google Ads. However, the companies planning the future with the right optimization works can both reduce Adwords costs and get customers through organic traffic. Because if money ends, ads stop. So they will be deleted from the search results on the day they stop paying. This is a serious risk. The beautiful side of Seo; as a result of the growth of the website in a slow and natural way; It is in a position where it rises on Google. Even if you don't have a seo in the next month, your seo success remains.


Google, with the algorithms it develops, takes continuous measures against the content of the copy. One of the most basic measures for this is the "Fetch as Google" service. Using this service, we report the original content to Google. By adopting our article with the Canonical label, we take action against a possible content theft. With lots of articles we write, we are constantly increasing the value of websites on Google.


Optimization studies are studies that are meaningful as they continue. One of the reasons for this is the open market and the continuous competition. Think of a rival company. It is constantly adding new content, showing new products and preparing promotions on the internet. If the other website does nothing and leaves the website unattended and on its own, then Google bots will select the current and optimized one from these two sites and show them high in serps.


Most importantly a quick web site. In November 2016, Google published an article on the webmaster forum, stating that "mobile first indexing" will provide priority for mobile-responsive websites. In addition, research shows that people are coming out of the sites that open later than 3 seconds on mobile. A quick site is a must for seo. Another case is the original content. Quality content is a topic that we care about. We produce and publish our own content. We provide seo services in 4 different areas such as analysis, content production, optimization and reporting.