Recognizing the products and services you produce in a project you have just started and becoming a brand of your company name is a process. It is in your hands to speed up this process. You can take firm steps towards branding by making effective social media management, search engine optimization and reputation management.


You must follow the comments written in social media for your brand everytime and write professional answers. This process is possible with a professional brand reputation management. You need to be kind and trustful against your auidence.


What do people say about your brand? In addition to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, the complaints on websites should be followed regularly. Keeping track of them is very important for brand reputation. If complaints increase, you can protect your brand prestige by getting some actions . Keep in mind that when people look at complaints also read your answers.  With our social radar service, we provide feedback by scanning popular channels for you.


Brand reputation is directly related to SEO. You can expect your sales to increase as you've succeeded in getting to the first page on Google. The opposite is the case; Of course, the only reason people don't click on you is not bad reviews and comments. Your price can be expensive. This is a different matter but when you manage the brand prestige, you must accurately measure all metrics and make the right planning.


Correct and effective management of social accounts of your company strengthens your brand. With more than a day, people can increase your sales with daily shares. According to research, people are convinced to buy a product after they see a couple of times. Therefore, the power of social channels should be used to reach people daily. By strengthening your brand reputation, you can give people a sense of quality and confidence from your social accounts.