Meet our mobile software solutions connected to your website! Save time and keep track of your business. As Atlantic Agency Team, we continue to offer innovations to our customers!


Nowadays, objects that are "handy" are becoming increasingly important. Smart mobile devices are just one of them. Internet shopping, bill payments, money transfers can be made from any point using 3G-4G-5G.

The works in the business, offices and workshops are now made from mobile phones, saves a lot of time. For example, when you want to order water, you used to call, but now you can request from whatsapp.

Increasingly, business life becomes easier with the mobile applications included in our lives. The fact that the relations with the new customers in the domestic and foreign markets are fulfilled by the latest technology mobile devices also provides a great prestige to the company.


Time is very important in business life. The basis for efficient work and more production is time management.

While taking orders from companies today, a lot of time is lost with excel tables. You can easily overcome these difficulties and time losses with mobile solutions. All you have to do is call us!


Attend a fair abroad but did not take your laptop with you? Don't worry! Follow your business remotely while waiting for your flight with our mobile software! With a few taps, continue your work easily!

B2B Software

Click on the picture next to our b2b software page, which allows you to use inter-firm, simplify ordering processes and save time!