Professional Jewelry Shoots

Jewelry photography includes professional studio photo shoots for the best quality of display for products. We work for fascinating shots which are noticed easily. Increasing sales and getting new orders are very important issues. If you can influence customers, you can earn more. Product photos play a key role about this situation.

We give a lot of importance to light, shadow, angle and color. A professional display should be used for gold shots and light && angle adjustments should be made properly. Some of the companies that sell jewelry do this process in their in-house photo studio. However, when sufficient equipment is not used, especially in diamond products, stones may be blurred. Since the details of the product are very important for sales, the most clearest photos should be selected and used in diamond, gold and silver shots.

We have served our customers in the bazaar (Sultanahmet) with confidence and have had hundreds of customers for about 20 years. As of 2017, we continue to serve with our 2nd branch in Kuyumcukent. As a gold shooting agency, we are taking shots of gold ring, gold necklace, gold earring as well as silver necklace, silver ring, silver jewelry set. We have also diamond shots. By using the right equipment in our studios, we complete our shots with the best clarity and brightness and deliver them to our customers. We aim to increase your sales with our professional equipments and experienced team.


With the latest technology, 7/24 secure office, your special designs are secured with our safe box! Your designs and products will never be shown to other company employees!

Gold Shoots

The gold shoot covers the photo shoots for jewelers to offer their products to their customers and use them in their web site and catalogs. The photographed products are used for different purposes such as catalog, web site, banner, poster after decoupling operations.


Photographs of silver jewelry are meticulously taken with the correct light and angle adjustment in order to show the details of the products in the best way. Decupe can be used in e-commerce sites and catalog works.


We take your precious metal goods meticulously and bring out the finest details of the jewelry in photo shooting. We take high resolution pictures of your custom design jewellery.

We are located in the center of the jewellery with our branches in Kuyumcukent and Sultanahmet.  We have given services to thousands of jewellery companies since 2003. We have photographed many different kinds of jewelry and accessories, from 14, 18, 22 carat gold jewellery to rosaries, silver rings and diamond sets. We are assertive about the highest quality and the most clearest jewelry photography in the sector! Do not forget to call us for free demo shot for 2-3 pieces! 

We also carry out the product photo shooting on the floor. For this photo shoot called Still life, call us at: 0850 226 13 00 / Kuyumcukent Photo Studio