The Role of Google Ads in Digital Marketing

Physical marketing is an issue that has been going on in trade for centuries. But new digital marketing was added to physical marketing with the spread of the Internet. In the 21st century, advertising activities are used in both areas. There is a certain mass that you can reach physically in time. On the virtual world, you can reach beyond the oceans in a short time. The first big media come to mind when we say virtual world is Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Google ads are quite common on the web. We come accross millions of ads every day. People click on these ads and do shopping. You can grow your business by addressing millions in a very short time.


Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) means ads delivered via Google. For example, if you sell natural toothbrushes, you can create an ad with Google Ads and you'll be able to aim your target audience in a short time. Text, image and vid types are generally preferred as advertising types.  Compared to search engine optimization studies, faster traffic is achieved in short time.


It is necessary to determine which searches to run on Google Ads. For this we ask: What groups of phrases does the target group use when searching? According to the information we can get through Google Keyword Planner, advertisements are defined.


You can increase your website traffic with Google Ads. If you have traffic coming from social media and organic results, but if you haven't started advertising yet, it's time!


It is necessary to bring certain restrictions when publishing ads. For example, if you sell snow tires; It would be correct to remove the warm cities that are under the influence of the Mediterranean climate like Adana. It is essential to choose the right target group in order to get the most return and advertise at the most economical prices. It is possible to use the Google Trends service. After getting the city information, male-female distinction is made. Age group is selected. By answering questions such as the day and time of the week, the advertisements will be optimized for the target audience.