Major overseas markets in trade are Brazil, America, India, China, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the biggest problems to introduce new products to the domestic companies that export their products to these countries. Original designs produced as a result of R & D studies should be kept from competitor companies and presented to customers safely. For this purpose, we produce encrypted, company specific, high security, mobile and computer aided B2B and dealer automation software.


Special designs produced by labor cannot be seen by other firms. Only the companies you allow can see the categories related to your approval. If there are any companies that have stopped working; suspend entry permissions. Thus, they can no longer login to the system. With this system, your designs are secured. Necessary measures are taken to ensure that it is not shown to search engines like Google.


Get your order easily from anywhere in the world. If you wish, you can print out your order as a pdf. All the details you want come as A4. Start the order easily and continue your trade without losing time!


The interface designs of some software on the market are quite complicated. It is very difficult to enjoy these interface designs that are complex even for software developers. You don't know where to find what you look for. We are aware of this situation as Atlantic Agency and we offer our customers accurate and high quality software solutions. We code what you want to see in a window. We don't bring anything you don't use, you don't want. Thus, we produce easy-to-use, handy software for you and your customers. Our software developers continue to R & D work for software that is running fast and stable.


When you get a bundle of software, you can have hundreds of features in it. While it may seem like a good thing to have, it is actually a waste of time. Because the combination of all the features of the package software is difficult to use at first. Many of the features you do not use the package software can push you to new searches. In particular, if the software company is not able to simplify the software in the way you want, then it may be "garbage". Being aware of this situation in the market, we produce B2B software for you to avoid all these negative situations. Buy it once, use a lifetime!